Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thank God For Assets(TGA)


A surest key for joy and happiness is the sense of Gratitude. By developing the sense of Gratitude in you, you can remain ‘content’ with whatever has been endowed upon you by the Almighty.

Usually, you are discontent with what you have and keep complaining to GOD about what you don’t have. Your prayer mainly consists of the list of things you don’t possess. In movies, you witness Hero standing in front of the God’s Idol in a temple and fighting with HIM for his woes.

Count how many times in your life have you thanked GOD for what have and also count how many times in your life have you cursed GOD for what you don’t have ?Chances for most of the people are that they have cursed GOD more than they have thanked GOD.

Now , let us see why should you thank GOD? Of course, you should Thank God for your Assets. And, your assets can be divided into three parts:
A) Your Body Parts
B)Your Living Assets
C)Your Non Living Assets

These steps can further be explained as follows:

TGA(Body Parts)
Imagine with your eyes closed as if you are standing in front of a mirror and see your mirror image .
a)First,You have to thank God for your five senses(Gyanendriyan) first:
1-Now, imagine as if you are looking into your own ‘eyes’ and thank GOD for the power of sight.
2-Then.look at your ‘nose’ and thank GOD for power of smelling
3-Now , look at your ears and thank God for power of listening.
4-Now , look at your ‘tongue’ and thank God for the power of taste.
5-Now . Look at your ‘skin’ and thank God for the power of touching.

b) Now .you will thank God for your Five Action Limbs or
(karmendryan) one by one:
1-Imagine as if you are looking at your hands while standing infront of a mirror and thank God for your ‘hands’.
2- Imagine as if you are looking at your feet while standing infront of a mirror and thank God for your ‘feet’.
3- Imagine as if you are looking at your mouth while standing infront of a mirror and thank God for the power of speech.
4- Now, thank God for the proper functioning of your urinary organ.
5-In the end thank God for the proper functioning of your excretory organ.

c)Now,you’ll thank God for your vital organs viz. Brain, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Intestines etc.

With your eyes closed, visualize these vital organs as vividly as possible one by one and thank God for their proper functioning.

e.g. while visualizing your heart , with your eyes closed;mentally repeat “I Thank God for the normal working and proper functioning of my heart”

TGA(Living Assets):

What are your Living Assets?Your Grand Parents, your Parents, your In Laws, Your Spouse, your brothers, your sisters, your uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, official peers, superiors, subordinates, clients, and all other people connected to you can b described as your Living Assets.

Sit with your eyes closed, visualize your living assets one by one as vividly as possible and Thank God for bringing them to your life.

e.g. Visualize your Father as vividly as possible and with your eyes closed, mentally repeat, “I thank God for my fabulous Father.”

TGA(Non Living Assets)
The list of your non living assets will be the longest.It will include your House, Office (Job), Land, Properties, Shares,
Vehicles, Computers, T.V., Refrigerators, A.C. s, Mobile Phones, Sofa Set, Bed, Almirahs, etc. etc. You can also include the crockery & spoons you have in your house.

Sit with your eyes closed ,visualize your non living Assets one by one and thank God for the same.

e.g. Visualize your Car as vividly as possible and mentally affirm”I Thank God for this wonderful vehicle.” & so on.

This exercise, if regularly performed in the state of Meditation can produce wonderful results in your life.
It will definitely bring, Satisfaction, Peace, Happiness and Fortune in your life.

The Technique is summarized as below:

StepI:OOOM/OMMM 5mins.
Step2:BI:BO 3mins
Step3:TGA-Body Parts 3mins
Step4:TGA-Living Assets 3mins
Step5:TGA-Non Living Assets 3mins
Step6:Nothing Doing 3mins
Total 20mins
Step3,4 and 5 are explained above. In the last step, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit with your eyes closed and enjoy the bliss created by following the steps1 to 5.

Mukul Chaudhri

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smart said...

THANK YOU for such a wonderful article put forward in details to enlighten; it is really very essential to Thank God every day every moment.

Thank you once again

Purnendu said...

A very nice article, so nicely explained. I know that we should always be great full to God. Now I understand better. Thank you.